The Samaritan House Thrift Store and Emergency Food Bank seeks to meet the spiritual and material needs of the residents of the Steubenville, Ohio area, especially the poor. With this goal in mind, we offer inexpensive clothing and household items, emergency assistance for food and clothing, prayer, and various activities aimed at promoting spiritual and human growth. In giving help, we desire to honor and reverence each person as Christ in disguise and to uphold their innate dignity, loving everyone equally and creating an atmosphere of fellowship, mercy, joy, and acceptance. This atmosphere is fostered by the way we all work together at Samaritan House: parishioners, students, recovering addicts, religious sisters, community service workers, seminarians, and senior citizens serve together side by side in our store. Samaritan House aims to be a place where people can shop and fellowship, work and play, support and love one another, and where they can encounter the living God present in one another.

A Glimpse into our Ministry

Samaritan House, the Diocese of Steubenville's Emergency Food, Clothing Bank and Thrift Store - From giving clothes and food to the needy, to praying with others and being a loving presence to those who have lost family and friends, through our ministry we are able to support the downtown Steubenville community in body and spirit.